Simple Backyard Finds

November 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

So, a few days ago I decided to just go out in the backyard to see what I could find to photograph. Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. First I'll share a few pics of things that grow wild in the yard and hopefully in macro form, you can see how beautiful these things are that are probably in your backyard, too.

Next, I found a group of the small little purple flowers that grow wild and got down on my belly right over them. I was amazed to find the tiniest ants feeding on nectar.

Then, as I was going in, I saw a spider web in between the railings on the back porch. I saw this line down the middle and thought I'd snap a few pics. I noticed this tiny hoverfly (after exhaustive research) on the center structure. Once looking thru the viewfinder, I realized that line running down the center of the web was basically a cocoon of DEATH! There were tons of body parts and partial wings and I was thrilled with this discovery!!  Next, I walked around and inspected the web from all angles, looking for every detail. I was similarly stoked to find an advesary and rightful owner of the web! I did, to no avail, look at hundreds of images of spiders, do spider identification, etc, to identify this spider. If anyone does know, please comment below. In doing my research, I did find that North America is home to almost 4,000 of the 40,000 known species of spiders!

So, I got comfortable and waited patiently for some action! Lo and behold, the hoverfly was working his way around the deceased feast and came to be in the spider's sight!

As the spider recognized the invader in his home, he quickly turned around and darted for the hoverfly! It was so quick! I was able to get this next shot and watched, like in slo-mo as the hoverfly shook himself vigorously to free one of his legs from the sticky web. Sure enough, he escaped, by the hair of his chinny, chin, chin! I'm sure my neighbors, if they were watching, thought me mad! 

I really thought my adventure over and started gathering my gear. As I rounded the corner to go up the steps, you won't believe what I saw! The freakin hoverfly! I had watched him fly off and not a minute later, he returned. I was immediately hit with a parallel to myself and my past. How many times do we escape a bad situation in our life, only to turn right back around and sit down at the table again! I did, for years. I would hate myself for returning, promise myself I was done, never to return and wind up going right back to my sin....

I hope this can be an encouragement to someone, that you can walk away and leave it for good. Don't continue to return to a bad thing, no matter how "tasty" it seems at the time. I thank God everyday that he rescued me. He can rescue you too.

Thanks for reading,




Kristie B(non-registered)
I have loved photography for over 15 yrs. you make me really want to pick it back up
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